Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hey Sweetys,I'm back
and here is my new outfit

Schwarz Rot Gold *-*

Heya Lovely's
I have some new's for U all 
and some stuff wich isn't even available too lol 
Maxi will release new earrings soon and I had the pleasure to get them now *-*
also her bangles are just so fitting with my look

some goodies from Stuff in Stock,
a top wich is available at Color Blocking Fair
that is starting 02. june 
and hair from The Dressing Room Blue
So I did a lil run over some sims and got this look ready for U
hope U will like it 
I do

Stuff in Stock

Lovely's I totally forget to tell U that
 is going on again right now -.- 
I'm getting old :P SRY

Like a bandaid

Do U remember the time when U would fell on ur little ass
and mommy came with her bandaids to make it all better?
Do U remember this stupid phrase "just take it off like a bandaid" ?
and that it will hurt more if U're taking it away slowly?

yeah so right

Some things need to be removed from our life - fast
like really fast, because they are not good for us
because they are only hurting us further
because they will, if we give them the chance destroy everything that's left of us

:/ Some things are just not worth to worry over them to long 

So take them off like a bandaid,
ripp them out of ur heart and soul,
breathe free!
Realise that everything will get better in time 
realise that in time U will wake up and it will be better, it will not hurt anymore,
it will finally not give U the feeling of dying from the inside ... 
it must be that way or not?

it has to be that way...

or how should we live with this pain? 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Boy's love Me ;)

Heya Lovely's 

Everyone's having a good weekend? 
I had one ;) 
So after the last day's and my lazyness with blogging I'm back ^^
released new hairstyles a few day's ago and they are so cute *-*
I was not feeling like a big dress up so this is just a quick post to show U the Hairstyles
and maybe I will do a lil more later

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love my new pants

Heya Lovely's
I wear a pants named after the most important thing in my whole life 
ty Vio for this. Love U Girl!
They are stunning aren't they? And available in many colors.
I love this look, I really do
hope U too

One of the best songs ever!!!
Fucking awesome ;) 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

College Baby ;P

Me again 
as U saw before Zero released new Mesh College Jackets in many styles today they look totally awesome and U should check the demo out and choose Ur color 

hope U like it

Karma's only a bitch if U are ;)

Heya Lovely's

I have a few new's for U all 
 **Violicious** made new Mesh tops with or without this nice text 
"Karma's only a bitch if U are"
.:cheeky:. made new Jeans also Mesh
and I love this gorgeus Hairstyle from .ploom.

hope U like it 

So break yourself against my stones 
And spit your pity in my soul 
You never needed any help 
You sold me out to save yourself 
And I won't listen to your shame 
You ran away - you're all the same 
Angels lie to keep control 
My love was punished long ago 
If you still care, don't ever let me know 
If you still care, don't ever let me know

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do U understand it when I say I love only U?

Heya my Lovely Reader's
first I wanted to say thank U 
60.000 clicks *-*

and then I have a last post for today
a few news a lil old stuff 
and I must say I love it 

take care, sleep well and we will see us tomorrow 

Monday, May 21, 2012

neww nerd style

Hey Sweetys my neww outfit
omg i love my style♥
i hope u like it :D

I don't know how to move on

Today I was trilled because I just didn't know how to handle some things :/ 
and it goes totally in the wrong direction.
How am I suppose to get my heart under controll,
how can I say everything is good if the opposite is the truth?
How can I move on with my life
but without you?

So many questions and simply nothing I can do to answer them
nothing to be me again
nothing to move on 

maybe it will get better in time
but not good again.
I just feel so lost :3

I wear the lowest pants ever :D

Morning Lovely's

I have some news to show U all
and I hope U will like them as much as me

**Violicious** made new pants and rawr they are so sexy 
Maxi my favourite bling woman made awesome new rings *-* so supercute 
and the top I wear is new from Rock me Amadeus
The tattoo is old but I love it. available at -ZR- Tattoos

have fun while shopping and take care

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back in Time ^-^

Heya Lovely's

I have some really awesome news for U all 
My sweet vio made such cute clothes and I love the look 
something wich is taking U back into another time *-*
hope U like it like me

Friday, May 18, 2012

Where is the love?

Heya Lovely's 
ever felt left alone?
ever been sad over a person who didn't return Ur love anymore?
ever been in so much mysery that alone the thought of the next day is making U cry?

Yeah :/ 

I just hope that it will get better in time ...


Time for the sun to stay

Heya my Lovely's 
this is the last post for today :P
I will go sleeping after I give a few news away.
long day, short night and yeah ^^

[Bad.Romance] released new summerdresses
and /Wasabi Pills/ made this cute Hairstyle.
I wear the gorgeus new bling from MG again and new shoes *-*
hope U like it

Thursday, May 17, 2012

yummy cherry cherry

Hey Sweetys my neww outfit
i hope you like it :D

Call me, Maybe?

Heya my Lovely's
I'm back the sun is gone and I have time to show U more news
As I mentioned before Maxi Gossamer has just released her new Earrings and I love them
U can wear them in 3 variants and as most of her stuff COLORCHANGE *-*
[ JP ]:dsg. made new shades and they are colorchange too and really stylish
also the latest pants from  [ JP ]:dsg. are now available with new textures
 I wear the newest skin from Izzie's and this skin is just so cute.

comfy jogging style with a lil girly touch as ever
hope U will like it 


Hey, I just met you, 
and this is crazy, 
but here's my number, 
so call me, maybe? 


Morning my Lovely's

Some news before I go out into the sunlight :P 
I hope U all are feeling pretty good and that U will have a nice day
Maxi Gossamer made new necklaces wich are fitting with her gorgeus Roho rings *-*
and the best is she made earrings too wich I will show U later
My dress is from Maai and I Love it so sexy without looking cheap :D
I found the perfect shoes too ^-^ 
Hope U like it 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Heya my Lovely's 
I have some cute stuff for U all 
new hait from !lamb.
a new top from cold Logic 
and to top it all some wonderfull bling from MG
I just love the stuff I wear

this song really makes me happy whenever I hear it 
don't know why but I just have to sing along and feel free

I love the evil

Hey Sweetys my neww outfit
i hope you like it :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who am I without U? - Feels like I'm nothing anymore

Heya Lovely's
Me again :P
I have some cutie news for U all 

Special song - special person <3 4ever

One Love

Heya Lovely's
New's at [Bad.Romance] so sweet <3

- doch es ist Fakt, dass du mein Herz besiegt hast.
Du hast gewonnen und hast mein Herz verlorn
Meine Liebe ist an diesem Schmerz gestorben
Ich war unendlich verliebt in dich und ich weiß, dass ich niemanden so lieb wie dich.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Perfect Wardrobe

New Round of 
Perfect Wardrobe
is open by now 

Too Close

Heya my Lovely's

some new stuff some old stuff 
I was not really creative :D 
but it's nice 

::FV:: released this new Tattoo and I fucking love it *-*
MG made a new Necklace and it's again wonderful work 
I hope U like it 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Breaking the Habit

Heya Lovely's 

Hope everyone is feeling well and is having a good weekend
I for sure had my fun :P

Quick Post for U all

Take care

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'll smack ya

Heya Lovely's

another post before I go to sleep 
hope U will like it 

A day to remember ...

Heya Lovely's

Everyone is having such day's
day's to remember
either the good ones where we felt loved and happy 
or the ones wich allmost broke us
days where we found or lost something
days full of sunshine or rain 
but in the end all these days are important 
they are making us stronger, 
they let us appreciate what we have
they teach us for our future
so this day I will remember 
face the past
and walk into the future
u are welcome to come with me 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ghetto Chicks

Hey Sweetys my neww outfit
After a long back an outfit of mine, I hope you like it

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Heya Lovely's

I think this is my last one for today :D
but who knows

some new stuff some old stuff 
a look that I really like 
hope U too


New Round of 

run run run 

Overdressed? Never!


it's me again ;) 
I have some great news from " MAAI "
Yeah she brought out this gorgeus Mesh dress in many different colors
and also the shoes I'm wearing in this post - fitting huh?
The Jewellry is from MG again and what can I say it's L-O-V-E 
well I'm dressed and U? 


Purple Horizon ...oh what a view

Morning my Lovely's

Today I woke up and had this song in mind
Have I told U lately that I love U?
Yeah I know reaaaally cheesy :D and old but the meaning will stay 
so this post is for all the ppl that I loved, love or will love in my future 
and even for those wich are having no one to love


and here it is 

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Groupgift at -FD- Tattoo's

Heya Lovely's

Just wanted to let U all know that my new Group Gift is out now

Hope U will like it


Like a Gypsy

Heya Lovely's

I have a few news and some ald things out of my closet for U again
It's different but I like it