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..The bitter End..

..hey sweety my new style for you..
..i hope u like it..

\o/ Techno Techno Techno so come on ;)

is presenting a night full of Techno
fucking nice tunes and a great ambiente 
are waiting for ur asses
come on over and check it out

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I want you to take over Control

Morning Lovely's

I hope U all are enjoying the Weekend like me :P
This Outfit was made yesterday in like ten minutes but I like it 
and decided to share :D
Hope u will like it

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Never know

U're the one Person holding my heart without knowing it, 
the person wich can make or break me in an instand
 and you're the one person 
wich I can only hold in my dreams - too far away just not here and I totally hate it :/ 

You're my Babe I'm you're sweet's and that is all we can have ...

Thursday, December 6, 2012 christmas..

..hey sweety my new style for you..
..i hope u like it..

Safe and Sound ...

Heya Lovely's

long time no see I know :3
here's a new look from me and I hope U will like it

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Don't you dare look out your window, darling,
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold on to this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Monday, December 3, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Life isn't fair...

Heya Lovely's

In all honesty I don't know when or if I ever felt so helpless
Ever met a person wich is just so perfect?

Amazing that is what U are Babe...

And to go on in life without U next to me is just not right ... just so unfair
We care ... we do
both of us.
already ... in to deep.

Friend's ... 
all we can be ... all we can do to our heart's 
and even that hurt's like hell...
I miss U right here with me, next to me ... 
Ur touch ... all of U.
u are so far away ... and it's just not fair

Thursday, November 29, 2012

::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Night

Heya Lovely's
released a few hairstyles and I wanted to show them to U
A few more are available 
but this 5 are my favourite
hope U like them as much as me

The shirt I wear is also new from Spirit Store 
and available in a few colors...

..I do not play with everyone..

..hey sweety my new style for you..
..i hope u like it..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nano AO at AKEYO

Heya Lovely's

U have problems with putting ur own unique AO together?
AKEYO has the solution!

U can get the Nano AO allmost for free
and simply drag all ur animations in this cool hud.
6 animations from AKEYO are allready inside the hud
 and U can get a male and a female version of it.
So how about U running over and get it? 

Ich bin dir scheiß egal, ich habs kapiert, okey?

Heya Lovely's
[ JP ]:dsg. released a very cool clock with colorchange hud
awesome to fit all ur outfits
go check it out

Ich weiß, du siehst es gerne, wenn ich am Verzweifeln bin

Wenn alles, was ich habe, einfach geht und ich alleine bin
Auch wenn wir keine Feinde sind, Freunde sind wir auch nicht mehr
Ich bin es leid, doch irgendwie gewohnt, von dir enttäuscht zu werden
So viel versprochen, doch die Versprechen gebrochen
Unsere Freundschaft ist gegangen mit dem letzten Funken Hoffnung
Heute gehst du blind an mir vorbei, ich weiß, du willst mich leiden sehn, 
weinen sehn,
Doch ich bleibe stehn und schreib mit meinen Tränen
Du suchst nach Gründen, mich zu hassen, ich gewöhn mich dran
Es fühlt sich an, als ob du nur allein mit Blicken töten kannst
Und verdammt, warum willst du sehen, dass ich aufgebe, hinfalle, liegen bleibe und nie wieder aufstehe?
Ich wollte dir nichts Böses, im Gegensatz zu dir
Mein Schädel platzt wegen dir, ich hab es akzeptiert
Und auch wenn mich all der Hass und auch die Wut zerreißt,
Hoffe ich, es geht dir gut dabei

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

U started this fight ~+~ so safe U'r tear's I don't believe U anymore

Morning Lovely's

I have a new Love in my Closet *-*
found this dress in my Friends Flickr and it was like
Oh yes, outfit was formed and I needed to make this

U can find it at 
and it's also available in a few other colors
go over and check it out.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Techno Friday in the Funky Pussy Club

 Funky Pussy Club 
is having a Big TechnoDay
from now on U will hear fucking awesome TechnoVibes every friday!

It will start at 7am and go on till dunno :D the last DJ is gone I think 

so come on over and have some fun with us

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

♥super sweet Neww AO♥

heya sweetys,have for you a super nice AO
very sexy and
I suggest you test it once

..Close the eyes for a moment and dream..

..hey sweety my new style for you..
..i hope u like it..

So nah bei mir....

Und ich seh Dich hier
So nah bei mir
So nah bei mir

Sag mir bitte wie weit
Ist mein Weg zu Dir zurück
Sag mir bitte wie weit
Ist mein Weg zu Deinem Glück
Zeig mir bitte die Zeit
Die Zeit in der wir nie vergehen
Sag mir bitte wie weit
Wie weit
Wie weit muss ich noch gehen

Monday, November 19, 2012

Don't wanna break your Heart ...... just give your Heart a break......

The day I, first met you, 
You told me you'd never fall in love.
But now, that I get you, 
I know fear is what it really was.
Now here we are, so close, yet so far. 
Haven't I passed the test?
When will, you realize, 
Baby I'm not like the rest?

Don't wanna break your heart, 
Wanna give your heart a break.
I know you're scared it's wrong, 
Like you might make a mistake.
There's just one life to live 
And there's no time to wait(to waste).
So let me give your heart a break, 
Give your heart a break, 
Let me give your heart a break, 
Your heart a break, 

GiftTime at HUMANOID

Loves U so much 
so they made a new Free - Dance for U all
run over to the Mainstore and get the dance
and if U are allready there.... 
try some of their amazing moves ;)

Time to bring new movement into your second life 


Perfect Wardrobe

Heya Lovely's

a new round of 
started today

The theme is Thanksgiving
 and Izzie's made a collection of Autumn Eye Make Up for this event.
U can have a look here

run over ;)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

--Let it Roll--

..hey sweety my new style for you..
..i hope u like it..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shine bright like a Diamont

So this will be the last for today
I think I made a lil to make U happy :)
Hope U will like it

In L-O-V-E with Marcel *-*

Heya  my Lovely's

as U all know by now I'm a BIG Fan of 

and as I visited the Mainstore the last time 
I just fell totally in L-O-V-E 
with the movement of Marcel.

The difference from Marcel to the other dancer's
He is a professional dancer
and U can clearly see this in his amazing moves.
So I went all crazy over him and just needed to have the Dances
It was like omg I will die if I don't get them .-.

U see even if Marcel is Male
the dances are so fantastic looking
 with hot female-curves.
So either U are Male or Female
 U will be perfectly fine with his package

Run over 
try them
 fall in L-O-V-E like me
and buy them
U will not find anything as good as these.

Time to bring new movement into your second life 


have fun with Ur dances if U get them <3


Heya Lovely's
As I was such a lazy ass lately :X
I will do a lil more today ...
.:cheeky:. made new pants and tops
and look how sexy they are.
I really love this look and hope u will like it too

New Pants at *Milk*

My friend Kattington made new Mesh Pants
and asked me for modeling *-* 
So here they are.
Sweet pants with cutie print.
U can get them in a few colors
go get them!


Someone like YOU .... someone I can love without fear

Heya Lovely's
after I while I will be back blogging from now on
I have so much going on right now 
but I'll be better. 
Hope U will like it 
take care...

Sometimes in your life you will come to this one point,
meeting the one person you would fight over with everyone...
This person will have this heart of gold, 
 and the sense to make you happy without knowing it.
But sometimes you will not be able to win this person over.
Maybe you will be the best friend, banned to see all the happiness with another person
and it will break you're heart.
Maybe you will be nothing for this person, 
but either way this person feels it will change nothing for you.
You will just see the perfection
just love
and out of this love you will be whatever this person need's
even if it kills you slowly.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

::: Meine Zeit:::

..hey sweety my new style for you..
..i hope u like it..