Wednesday, November 27, 2013

... GiftTime @ HUMANOID ...

Heya Lovely's

Not so long ago 
released the Angie Dances 
and now U can get an addition to them
totally for free.
As all of the new Dances this free dance is up to 60 seconds long too!
Amazing or not?
Available at the Mainstore by now.
So run over and get it
HUMANOID is simply the best way to bring new movement into your Second Life!

have fun with Ur dances if U get them,
wich U should :P

Much L-O-V-E from me 

... Red Roses ...

Heya my Lovely's
I decided to make another post now. 
MAAI had made a lot of stuff a while ago
 and I have still a few gown's in my closet,
 which I didn't blog till now.
Shortly after I took my pic's another one came :D
So I will show U the newest addition tomorrow.
I hope U will like it.

... Some fun in the snow ...

Morning my Lovely's
I have a lot of cute new stuff for U all. 
brought out some awesome vest's which will keep our asses warm
U can get the vest in a few colors.
New shoe's from :REBELL: also in a few colors.
*Milk* made new hair for the coming Winter Trend SL 2013.
The event will start nov. 29th and only run till the 6th of dec.
U will get the pant's from [Cynful] there too,
 if U didn't catch them in the store a few day's ago.

and last but surely the highlight of this post
 U can get some upper cute stuff from Izzie's 
over @ TDR Fusion
She made these awesome snowball fight poses 
and some MakeUp, expressions and add on snowballs to have fun with. 
so cute U should totally get them.
I hope U will like it.

And some sing along with disney for all of U, still enough kid inside to enjoy it like me

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

... Funny you're the broken one ... but I'm the only one who needed saving ...

Heya Lovely's
I don't really know what to say
other than I hope U will like this post. 
and that U should totally listen to the faboulus song below.
much loveeee 

Monday, November 25, 2013

... Let me be your ruler ...

Heya Lovely's
here is another post from me
I found this awesome dress from 
and just needed to have it. 
Combinated with a lil old and also new stuff,
it's just perfect for autumn day's.
Anyway's I hope U all will like it

See them all

... So good to me ...


Morning my Lovely's
Hope U all had a great weekend,
I just wanted to show U a lil new stuff out of my closet
and I hope U will like it.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

... Somewhere deep inside, ... U must know I miss you! ...

Heya my Lovely's
just a quick post for the colder day's to come,
I'm pretty much a summerloving person
and yeah I know snow can be beautiful when freshly fallen but after that ...
not so much :P
I hope U will like it.
Take care 

- My Attic -

Heya my Lovely's
starting today - the new round of 
And looking at all the participating Designer's 
U have the chance to get a lot of amazing new stuff!
So run over and check it out.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

... Schwarzer Schmetterling ...

Heya my Lovely's

released a absolut stunning collar,
in nine version's and with a hud to change almost everything about it.
78 Leather, 5 Metal Color options are available *-*
So U can wear this collar with EVERYTHING!
U can get it for both gender's too. 
Run over to the store and remember to try the Demo before U buy it.
Really something U should hav in your closet :P

Hope U will like this post

Monday, November 18, 2013

... LOVE ...

Heya my Lovely's
here is another post for U all...
Some new stuff along with some older nice things.
A huntitem and my lil friend in a bag :P
Hope U will like it.

... We made a promise ... we swore we'd always remember! ... No retreat baby ... No surrender! ...

Heya my Lovely's
I'm sure that a few of U will remember something,
 while reading the title of this post.
Yeah I totally admit that I'm absolutely Glee addicted
and that the Quarterback + the reason behind it,
 simply broke my heart in a million tiny tiny pieces :/
While seeing it I was just a sobbing mess.
It will never be the same!
but maybe, hopefully good in another way. 

I love this song so much so enjoy it and yeah I will pbl cry everytime I listen to it.
Please take care of U ... Life is worth to much 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

... Sag mal sammelst du Herzen? ...

Heya Lovely's
 Here is a lil mix of old and new stuff which I really love
just cozy without the whole housewife aura around :P
I hope U will enjoy it
take care

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

...You see me glow, ... so will I hide? Or will I show? ...

Heya my Lovely's 
Long time no see I guess,
still a lil sick but I need to get a bit of work done
before I take my longer break in a while.
I hope U all will still be here when I get back :P 

Got a lot of sweet new's and U should get them all !
Hope U will like my new look.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Ner .Ink] @ The Men's Dept. Part II

Heya my Lovely's

As I mentioned yesterday
is participating in the new round of The Men's Dept.
And this is the second Tattoo which U can get with applier for the Slink Mesh Hand's
so run over and check this stuff out!

... Only Girl in the World ...

Heya my Lovely's
Here is my last post for today 
and i hope U will enjoy all the work I did over this day.
sleep tight and nice dream's

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

... New Dance- Stand's @ HUMANOID

Heya  my Lovely's

Yeah maybe U remember the face shown below
it's Angie, one of the first dancer's from HUMANOID.

and she brought over a very special kind of Animation
Moves between dancing and standing
The Dance Animations are up to 60 seconds long
and very fitting for a relaxed and groovy hangout in the Club.
Perfect to chill out and have some fun with your friend's!

U can check them out @ the mainstore
of course the dances are available on Marketplace too - Angie
U can find all HUMANOID related link's down below

remember that the new animations 
are almost the double length as before 
! is the first Brand who offers this Kind of longer Animations !
Time to bring new movement into your second life so run over.
check them out and shake your ass!


have fun with Ur dances if U get them,
wich U should :P

Much L-O-V-E from me

... Revolution is my name ...

Heya my Lovely's
Here is another post from me
made new stuff and U can check it out here.
I hope U will like it

This song was a long time my favourite,
My Mother told my Father it was just a Phase
that was 1994 :X
No need for more word's huh? 

[Ner .Ink] @ The Men's Dept.

Morning my Lovely's
Sooo I had a horrible night 
and decided to just get on my feet and do something
instead of just turning and tossing around in my bed.
is participating in the new round of The Men's Dept
wich started yesterday.
U can get this nice Tattoo with applier for the Slink Mesh Hand's
and also decide if U want to wear it with or without the facepart.
The Owner of [Ner .Ink] also put some nice Shirt's out for this event
so run over and check this stuff out!
Enjoy your day I'll try the same :P

[Ner .Ink] - Hard to Kill tattoo NEWNEWNEW @ The Men's Dept

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maths time

... I'm turning up the volume when you speak ...

Heya my Lovely's
I got some cute new stuff in my inventory
and U need to check it out.
Also *Milk* released new hair yesterday and it's gorgeus,
run over to her store, try the Demo on and get it!
I hope U will like this post.
Have a nice day and take care 

Friday, November 1, 2013

- FaMESHeD -

New Round of 
will start today
run over and see what new's U can get!