Monday, October 31, 2011

my heart's a stereo

HeAr mY ThOuGhTs iN EvErY NoTe 
oH, oH 
MaKe mE YoUr rAdIo
 aNd tUrN Me uP WhEn yOu fEeL LoW 
ThIs mElOdY WaS MeAnT FoR YoU
 JuSt sInG AlOnG To mY StErEo

the last song I'm wasting

SoMeTiMeS I JuSt mIsS SoMeThInG Or sOmEoNe
OlD FrIeNd's aRe lOnG GoNe... 
ThE LaSt lOvE LoNg aGo...
AnD ThEn i sHaRe tHiS LaSt sOnG AnD ThE LaSt tEaR'S
OvEr aNd oVeR AgAiN ... EvErYtImE
 iT'S ThE LaSt sOnG I'M WaStInG

Sunday, October 30, 2011

RAWR I'ts leotime

SoMeTiMeS I JuSt cAn't fInD ThE RiGhT WoRd's 

sO I ScReAm iT'S ShOpPiNgTiMeEeE

winter is coming and I'm cold

So i wAs a lItTlE CoLd tOdAy iNsIdE AnD OuT 
 aNd jUsT NeEdEt tO WaRm mE Up bY NiCe aNd cOzY ClOtHeS.
 lAzY SuNdAy aNd a cUp oF HoT ChOcOlAtE 

Just a Quick HELLO

It seams everyone in SL is blogging today, 
So I kind of wanted it too
"like a kid on the marked screaming for sweets :P"
I will try my best to keep all of u updated
Take care Sweetheart's 
Enjoy ur Second Life!

> I'm like the PopRockChick <

P.s.: This awesome Pic was made by a very sweet and talented Girl

her name is kattington 
and her Studio is right this way ^-^

> Cupcakes Photography <

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