Sunday, January 22, 2012

OMG I'm so bored

Hi Sweetie's
A hot new Top and some gorgeus looking jewelry for U are following 

Rude Girl

Heya Lovely's 
It's sunday and I'm a lil lazy 
but I have a new necklace and gorgeus hair

thank's for ur visit today <3

Today I'm a good girl

Hi sweetie's 

Good girl today lol on the outside at least :P

Ready for the Evening

Heya Lovely's

Tila and me have some New's from Izzie's for U
and a really gorgeus dress from *TwInS FaShIoN - TF *
we love our look and hope U too
nice day for U all <3

and yeah I know it's not fitting at all but it's my favorite song right now ^-^

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hi Sweetie's 

hope U like it 


Heya Lovely's 

and gorgeus bling from Izzie's


Hi Sweetie's 
It's weekend and we are all a lil bit lazy I think 
but here is my entry for now ^-^
My Dress is from *TwInS FaShIoN - TF * and we will have more New's from the shop later

hope U like it 


As U maybe have noticed our Blog has made a lil change :D 
I'm in L-O-V-E
My boy made such a great Job and I'm so thankfull <3
Hope U all like it 
I have some more in mind for the future
but now we have to take a look at my outfit 
click the sweet button and go get it 

Friday, January 20, 2012

I only have my Lipstick

Hi again sweetie's

I don't really know what to say :P 
but I like my outfit so check it out
and I will use my lipstick again 

Still waiting for U to come back

There are New's at  (-BR-) ... Sexy dresses for sexy Ladie's I Love it!

I'll dance for ur Moneeey :P

Heyaaa My Lovely's

We have some changes in mind for the next day's
and I hope U all will like it 
but now I have so sexy sexy sexy *period stuff for U
a new store with all the clothing for Ur inner Bish
only available at marketplace aduld section for now

Allmost a Lady in Red

Hi Sweetie's
Brought out a new and sexy dress in a few color's 
I think it's rocking my curves perfectly

Hiding in my basement

Heya Lovely's 
a late entry with a few new's for U
hope U all like it <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hellooo... Kitty :P

Hi sweetie's 
-(BR)- brought out totally cutie mesh dresses for the first time,
five sweet textures are available from now on.

We are young ....

Heya Lovely's 
some new's for U all packed in a Hippie-Retro look,
well I like it hope U too

Animal Attraction

нι ѕweeтιe'ѕ
 ι тнoυɢнт ιт woυld вe тιмe ғor α lιl wιlder eɴтry тodαy :p 
ѕo ι pυт мy ѕweeт тιɢerѕнιrт oɴ αɴd тooĸ α looĸ ιɴтo мy cloѕeт
 ғoυɴd ѕoмe ɴιce тнιɴɢ'ѕ тo ѕнow υ
 нope υ lιĸe ιт 

Pretending ....

....ι'll jυѕт ѕтαy нere αɴd wαιт ғor υ....
 ....нυɢɢιɴɢ мy тeddyвeαr тo мy нeαrт ....
....wнιle preтeɴdιɴɢ ιт'ѕ υ ιм нoldιɴɢ....

 ι love υ ѕo мυcн

lovely'ѕ ... ɴew'ѕ ғroм ::LEO-NT:: α ѕweeт вeαr αɴd α ѕтore ι wαɴт тo ѕнow υ [ bk ] 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


нeyα lovely'ѕ
 ι нαve ɴew'ѕ ғroм -(BR)- αɴd мy вoy ғor υ 
нope υ lιĸe мy oυтғιт ι ғor ѕυre love ιт 

I'm a lil Rollergirl

ι love мy ɴew looĸ 
ɴew'ѕ ғroм :STICKY FINGERS:
αɴd rollerвlαdeѕ тнαт αre αlѕo weαrαвle αѕ ιce- ѕĸαтeѕ 
coмιɴɢ wιтн α cυтe αo
 ѕo cυтιe cυтe

romancetime with drd

нeyα lovely'ѕ 
drd вroυɢнт oυт ɢorɢeυѕ нeel'ѕ αɴd ι ғell тoтαlly ғor тнeм
 ѕo roмαɴтιc αɴd ѕтυɴɴιɴɢ
 αѕ ever тнey αre αvαιlαвle ιɴ мαɴy dιғғereɴт color'ѕ 
ɢo ɢeт тнeм 

ғorever oɴe oғ мy ғαvorιтeѕ ѕo woɴderғυll

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shut Up Hater

ɴew'ѕ αт .:cheeky:.

One night in china

нeyααα lovely'ѕ 
we нαd ғυɴ wιтн oυr ɴew oυтғιт'ѕ 
αɴd wαɴтed тo ѕнαre тнeм wιтн υ <З 

You are not my Type

нι ѕweeтιe'ѕ
 ι нαve ɴew'ѕ ғroм P.i.X.X.i.S 
α pαιr oғ reαlly ɴιce ѕнoeѕ ғor υ
 тαĸe α looĸ αɴd тell мe ιғ υ lιĸe ιт 

I want to stay in the sunlight again

lovely'ѕ ι'м ѕιcĸ .-.
 ι'м нαvιɴɢ тнe cold wυααн нαтe ιт вυт ι love мy looĸ
 ιт'ѕ ѕιмple вυт wιтн ѕoмe ɴew'ѕ 
нope υ lιĸe ιт

Monday, January 16, 2012

We love our pussy's

нeyα lovely'ѕ

υѕ тoɢeтнer αɢαιɴ ^-^ 
we нαve ɴew'ѕ ғor υ ғroм .:cheeky:.
тαĸe α looĸ αɴd ғιɴd oυт wнαт we weαr тodαy