Saturday, March 31, 2012

Together ...Forever ...lalala :D

Heya Lovely's

-BR- released new Mesh Top's
we fell in L-O-V-E

hope U like it

sweet shoes*.*

Hey Sweetys my neww outfit for you
and the shoes are so cute :D

Like Ice in the Sunshine

Heya Lovely's

I wanted to tell U all that the Blog may slow down a lil 
in the next month Summer is coming and we want to have fun in the sun more,
 we will not shut down completly 
so don't worry the Blog will be updated at least ones a day :*
 we will not forget about our reader's 

My Outfit today is showing exactly how much I want to hang out on the beach :P
casual, sweet ...just me
The Top is from Retro and I love it 
My Nr.1 shoes at the moment from Maitreya 
and a lil bit more will come if u click the read more button

so Lovely's I wish u all a great weekend
and the nicest summer ever <3 

xoxo Faith

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Never Fails


New Tattoo from me


available at -ZR- Tattoos 
and on Xstreet

Hope U like it

caution sexy

Hey Sweetys my neww outfit for you
i hope u like it :D

my first gatcha

Hey Sweetys my First gatcha machine 3 shapes Available
more will follow soon
for 25$l

    Have fun <3

We are Wildcat's and U have to F..k off :*

Heya Lovely's

Tila and Me wanted to do a new Post togehter
so here we are :P

New stuff from

hope U all like it 
<3 Nice day Lovely's

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Heya my Lovely's

I made a new Tattoo 
all about Vikings *-*
Hope U like it 


available at -ZR- Tattoos

[Lady] in Pink

Heya Lovely's

-BR- released a new stunning dress
 in four different colors available
and I really like it. 
It's also available with applier for LOLAS

hope U all are having a great day

sweet country girl

Hey Sweetys my country style :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

I love the sunset

Hey Sweetys I wish u much fun,
with my Outfit :D

Free Spirit ....

Heya my Lovely's

I have a few news for U
Pant's from Spirit Store
Hair from >TRUTH<
and also my first tattoo :) 

I really like this outfit
hope U too <3

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Japanese Koi

Heya Lovely's

I made my first tattoo today
it's the reason I did not much :X

Sry for this :P

The tattoo will come in two tones
Dark and Faded
and I hope U will like it a lil 

more the girly type :P


Oh it will be available at

Time to go out

Ok Lovely's
This dress from Holli Pocket is available at GSP
and totally gorgeus
Also I have this nice cardigan on
it's from  Tee*fy and I'm totally in LOVE

I wish U all a nice day and hope U like my outfit

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fuck Yaa Bitch!

Heya Lovely's

Nothing really new :P
But I felt like doing this post now
The outfit I bought on 
is just gorgeus
I love the necklace from ..::DeliciouS::.. 
and yeah that's it
I hope U like it 
have a nice weekend and stay healthy

black night

Hey Sweety´s My dark night outfit for you

I miss U

Heya my Lovely's 

Beautiful day *-*
The sun is shinning and I have some News for U

 ::::Fab-U-Lous::: released new Hair yesterday 
four gorgeus new styles 
and I love them 

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Like My Hair

hey sweetys  i love my sexy hair

I'm Zeros Girl :P

Heya again my Lovely's
Here I have another look for U all 
**Violicious** made awesome socks
for a very good price 
and I'm in Love with my top wich is available at

I hope U all like it <3

My New Shop

Hey Sweetys come and Visit my new Shop 

It's Friday again

It's Friday Lovely's
wich means that Fi*Fridays has new gorgeus stuff
for 55 l 
so go and take a look 


New Round of Fancy Hall


Yesterday Fancy Hall started a New Round

In the middle of a Storm

Morning my Lovely's

So as U all know by now
GSP round 15 is going on 
and I have a few Item's from there

will last a little while from today
Remember by the end of the month 
all the gorgeus stuff will be packed and gone
some Item's for good :/
So just run over and get what U want before it's too late

Thursday, March 22, 2012

my hobby is sleeping

hey sweetys my sleeping Outfit for you

Cute Springtime

Hello my Lovely's

**Violicious** made a gorgeus dress in two color's
and I love how it fits with the new stuff from [EY:NO]
Sweetheart ?


Heya Lovely's

some stuff from GSP
a lil reminder that 
will only last a few days from today on
so U should go and get the stuff U want to have
and New Pant's from .:cheeky:.

hope U like it <3

Oh and look at my tattoo *-* 
It was just screaming my name :P

Big joint :D

hey sweetys my crazy style for you

Who said i would need no Jacket ? :P

Morning Lovely's

Ok ok yesterday I was screaming about the warm weather :X
and YES I know that summer is coming 
but I just couldn't let this gorgeus Mesh Jacket go without showing it
and I'm totally willing to wander to the north pole just so I can wear it every freaking day 
This Jacket is perfection and I'm in LOVE

so enough talking for now

go and have fun in the sun 
or maybe on north pole ^-^ 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Attic @ the Deck NEW NEW NEW

New Event for designers @ the Deck and there will be a few guests too
a lot of cool stuff is for sale and for the price of only 95 l 
This Round starts today and will last till 31 March 

U can see which Designers are a part of it if U click the sweet button 

The Taxi is waiting too 

so click click click

lol Wtf

hey sweetys my neww Outfit for you


Morning Lovely's
it's getting warmer everyday and I thought about a new spring/summer look
the new Mesh top from .:cheeky:. and the gorgeus Mesh pants I found
are perfect for a walk on the beach or simply for chilling in the sun

hope U all like it 

Best Designers Exile

BDE is open 


Narzissus Room 2

Round two is open so go and get Ur stuff

Monday, March 19, 2012

POP my ......

Lovely's I have new's for U 
**Violicious** and P.i.X.X.i.S made new tattoo's
and I love them
My cutie underwear is available at The Whore Couture Fair
so sweet or not? 


hey sweetys my neww outfit for you
the animal in me

Braves Mädchen ^-^

Heya ^-^

I was in the mood for something crazy and a lil different then normally 
at  Perfect Wardrobe and GSP   
I found what I needed and yeah look at me :P 
I like it hope U too 


Today start's a new Round of Perfect Wardrobe Lovely's
the theme is Animalistic Style 

here's the taxi

walking on broken glas

heya Lovely's
as I mentioned before 
GSP is all new this weekend
I wear some stuff from there
also I found boot's and just couldn't let them in the store
I Love them *-* 

<3 A nice week for U all 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's finally warm *-*


I have many many New's for U all 

and I'm so happy lol 
the sun is finally shining again yay

Izzie's made a gorgeus top in many different colors 
and all are just screaming it's finally warm

Magika released new MESH Hair and omg it's perfect *-* 
::Cherry Drops:: has new jeans and shoes just fitting the nice weather 

so I will jump around in the sun more now :P 
but don't worry I don't forget my lovely's


The heat of summer sunshine 


hey sweetys my neww style for you