Sunday, July 7, 2013

... When we collide ...

Morning Lovely's
got a few New's for U all 
made great stuff
check it out and enjoy your sunday!
I hope U will like it and do a lil more work later

You say "I love you girl"
But I know you lie.
I trust you all the same
And I don't know why.

'Cause when my back is turned,
My bruises shine.
Our broken fairytale,
So hard to hide.

I still believe,
It's you and me 
till the end of time.

When we collide we come together,
If we don't, we'll always be apart.
I'll take a bruise I know you're worth it.
When you hit me, hit me hard.


.shape. My Own 
.skin. Essences - Opera
.hair. (epoque.s) Lover MESH 
.eyes. .ID. Real Eyes 
.make up. R.icielli - NIGHT MAKEUPS
.lashes. [LeLutka] -2011 lashes/long
.face piercing1. <-Puncture->  Labret (spike) Basics 
.dimple piercings. <-Puncture-> Dimple Piercings 
.dress. .:cheeky:. Pia Dress MESHNEWNEWNEW
.nails. -UtopiaH- Mess Rings
.rings. -UtopiaH- Mess Rings 
.ears. AITUI Streched Ears Punch Pack #2 MESH
.necklace. MG - I love You MESH
.bracelets. Izzie's Leather Strap BraceletsMESH EWNEWNEW VIP GIFT
.shoes. +Missnoise_style+ High platform sandal NEWNEWNEW

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