Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ben is out @ HUMANOID

Heya  my Lovely's

Ben is new in the HUMANOID Animations Team,

his dance talent is perfectly transferred into the latest release.
And how talented he is!

National and World Championchip Titles,
2012 World Championchips Winner in HIPHOP
and he took a part in the "GOT to DANCE" TV Show.
run over to the Mainstore 
and check his New Popping and Freestyle Dances out. 
Also they are Perfectly fitting for both gender's

of course the dances are available on Marketplace too - Ben
U can find all HUMANOID related link's down below

Time to bring new movement into your second life so run over.
check them out and shake your ass!


have fun with Ur dances if U get them,
wich U should :P

Much L-O-V-E from me 

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